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Vintage Sliding Barn Door Hardware

The SRSB Vintage Sliding Barn Door Hardware is designed to work on almost any door and fit into any design style. The simple squared off design is both modern and very traditional. The large 5.75-inch spoked wheel gives it a distinct vintage look, yet has increased weight bearing capacities (up to 1000 lbs). This hardware is perfect for both residential or commercial sliding barn doors. Each set comes complete with the following components: Track - 1 each Door Straps - 2 each Door Stops - 2 each Door Floor Guide - 1 each All associated bolts, screws, washers, nuts and spacers Select the color and track length below. Track length should be twice the width of your door(s) width (Not the opening width). 

If you need a different size, please call or send us a quick message here, and we'll take care of you!

Tracks over 9 feet long will be shipped in 2 or more pieces depending on the length. 9 Feet is the maximum shipping length without shipping via freight. If required, Freight charges can be provided.

Vintage Sliding Barn Door Hardware

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