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Decor and Gifts

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Not all rustic weddings are the same or simply trendy, everything we design is based on capturing the couple’s unique personalities. The uptick of couples who choose rustic and vintage looks for their weddings have exact styles that run the gamut, but share a desire for a wedding that feels warm and welcoming.


Rustic wedding chic is about being fresh, simple, ageless and timeless, warm and suitable for most all family traditions.

We can help you create that the rustic/vintage style that continues to be popular with couples, with any of the pieces for that special day.  It is this preference for relaxed instead of regal.

Clients who have asked for these looks are aged anywhere from 20 to 70. What they have in common is they wanted a wedding that reflected the past without being old, and that is comfortable—not stuffy or formal. 

Take the hassle out of planning your wedding! SRSB has assembled a talented and versatile team that can make your special day beautiful. We do all custom work, so you can be sure the pieces will fit your style. Check out the list of services and the gallery of some of our wedding work below! Also check out our Laser Engraving page or Contact Us to get your project started today!

SRSB's Wedding Services Include:

  • Decor Design

  • Custom Altars

  • Wedding Logo Design

  • Wedding Gifts

  • Photography

  • Bridal Party Gifts

  • Groomsman Gifts

  • Wedding Signs

  • Table Centerpieces

  • Custom Cake-Toppers

  • Event Planning

  • Custom Engraved Glasses

Wedding already over? Let us engrave your favorite pictures from the ceremony! Makes an excellent Christmas or Anniversary gift! Contact Us to get your project started today!

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